Local Optometric Committee

Helpful Contacts

Helpful Contacts

NHS network

It is encouraged that everyone (importantly contractors) should register to join the NHS Network as NHS England will communicate via this resource.  

Registration can be completed here:

NHS England useful contacts and websites

More information about ophthalmic payments and useful questions

To find out your ODS code. This is required for using our online forms, including CET submissions.

PCSE contact form

Book for future meetings or discuss payment escalation

Change of address

Change main contact details on PCSE online if unknown

Blind Veterans UK (St Dunstan’s since 1915)

For someone to be entitled to Blind Veterans UK’s free support and services, they need to have done National Service or served in the Armed Forces, and have significant sight loss. It doesn’t matter when they served, or for how long. Nor does it matter how they lost their sight.

Information on how you can apply for their support can be found here: