Local Optometric Committee



This is an introduction to the referral procedures in Solihull
including MECS, Cataract and IOP repeat measures pathways

Referral information required

When referring patients please ensure information is accurate and includes the following:

  • Full name as appears on GP and HES records

  • Gender (in notes as it doesn’t print on Optomanager)

  • Date of birth

  • Address

  • Contact number

  • Registered GP (ensure correct one)

  • Also useful if NHS number if known. Health Harmonie require this in order to refer.

Emergency (same day) referral

Telephone BMEC triage on 0121 5076780 for advice. Send your patient with directions and a GOS 18 or MECS referral letter to:
City Hospital
Dudley Road
B18 7QU
BMEC is open from 8.30am to 7.00pm.

Conditions to refer as an emergency can include:

Acute glaucoma
CRAO<12 hours old
Corneal foreign bodies
Pulsating proptosis
Pre-retinal haemorrhage
Retinal Detachment
Sudden severe ocular pain
Unexplained sudden loss of vision
Chemical injuries
Orbital cellulitis
Penetrating injury
Retinal breaks and tears
Sight threatening keratitis
Suspected temporal arteritis
Vitreous haemorrhage
3rd nerve palsy
Vitreous detachment symptoms with Shafer’s sign

Urgent (1 week) referral

Complete GOS 18 and fax to:
Solihull/Heartlands Hospital 0121 424 8954
mark “Urgent”.
You may wish to telephone BMEC for advice first on the number above.

Conditions to refer urgently can include:

Atopic keratoconjunctivitis
Suspected lid tumours
Chlamydial conjunctivitis
Suspected ocular carcinoma
Sudden onset diplopia
Proliferative diabetic retinopathy
Suspected Horner’s syndrome
Keratoconjunctivitis sicca
Macular off retinal detachment
Commotio retinae Rubeosis
Suspected Horner’s syndrome
Corneal hydrops with neovascularisation
Proptosis with normal vision and ocular movements
Vernal keratoconjunctivitis with active limbal/corneal involvement

MECS – Minor Eye Conditions Service

A Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS) examination will provide a timely assessment of the needs of a patient presenting with an eye condition. This will be undertaken by an accredited optometrist within suitably equipped premises who will manage the patient appropriately and safely. Management will be maintained within the primary care setting for as many patients as possible, thus avoiding unnecessary referrals to hospital services. Where referral to secondary care is required it will be within agreed protocols to a suitable specialist with appropriate urgency.

For more information click here


Refer on Wet AMD referral paperwork, fax to Solihull/Heartlands Hospital on 0121 424 4532


Retinopathy screening takes place at designated optometry practices and ophthalmology departments. Patients have to be registered with the retinopathy screening service to access screening and will be invited periodically by the NHS by letter when screening is due.


NICE decision aid for cataract surgery can be found here.

Solihull residents with Solihull GP: (if no other co-morbidity) refer directly via Optomanager online. You will need to be accredited to provide this service. Contact Solihull LOC for advice on how to become accredited.

All patients must be dilated, a cataract pre-operative questionnaire completed before referral and offered choice of provider (see drop down box on Optomanager) 

Remember, when referring a patient for cataract surgery who is already under the care of a particular ophthalmologist for another condition e.g. glaucoma or AMD, the patient should only be referred to the consultant that is already caring for the other condition.

Patients who fall outside the above criteria can be referred on a GOS 18 via their GP.

Current waiting times for cataract surgery for Birmingham and Solihull CCG can be viewed on the eye health area of their website:
Cataract waiting times

Ocular hypertension

Solihull residents with a Solihull GP need to be referred directly via Optomanager online once you have taken 2 separate sets of readings with a Goldmann/Perkins tonometer that are over 24mmHg with no other signs of glaucoma. Optometrists need to be accredited to provide this service. Contact Solihull LOC for advice on how to become accredited.


Refer on GOS 18 by fax to Solihull/Heartlands Hospital on 0121 424 8954.

Routine referrals

Solihull residents with Solihull GP refer by fax to HealthHarmonie on GOS 18, fax number 0121 454 4411, or email hh.eyecarereferrals@nhs.net.

HealthHarmonie is an NHS funded community ophthalmology service that triages referrals and forward any they can’t manage to Solihull Hospital Ophthalmology department. For a full list of conditions managed by HealthHarmonie please see Solihull Local Optical Committee website, or email Solihull.loc@hotmail.co.uk for HealthHarmonie leaflets and a poster containing more information.

All other patients should be referred to their GP on a GOS 18 stating clearly what action the GP needs to take and the urgency of that referral.

University Hospitals Birmingham appointments email: uhb-tr.appointments-centre@nhs.net


Health Harmonie

Please see full information leaflet here: Health Harmonie poster and Patient information

You can refer using your GOS18 Form

Fax 0121 454 4411
Phone 0121 454 7779

Patients registered at a GP practice in Birmingham and Solihull CCG can access the community medical ophthalmology service, being provided by HealthHarmonie from a range of location across the area:

  • Birmingham South & West - Lordswood Medical Group, 54 Lordswood Road, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 9DB

  • Birmingham East & North - Hawthorn Surgery, 331 Birmingham Road, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1DL

  • Solihull & Central Birmingham - Sparkhill Primary Care Centre, 856 Stratford Rd, Sparkhill, Birmingham, B11 4BW

  • Solihull (Monkspath Surgery) - 27 Farmhouse Way, Shirley, Solihull B90 4EH.

HealthHarmonie can see a range of eye conditions within the community. They will endeavor to see all patients within 14 days of referral and will offer the patient a choice of time and location that is convenient for them. If HealthHarmonie receives a referral for a patient that they are unable to see within the community, they will onward refer the patient to an appropriate provider within 24 hours of its receipt.

neighbouring ccgs

For more information regarding neighbouring CCGs please refer to the respective LOC website. Email contacts for LOC and website details can be found below.